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Rent a car in Halkidiki

Rent a car

Collaborating with our reliable buisness partners we offer the best prices on the market. Always on time and at your disposal. English and Russian speakers can help you choose the most economic choice for your trip.

Pricelist for renting bicycles



Rent a bicycle in Paralia Dionisiou Beach

Rent a bike

Rent a bike and explore tha area. You will get anywhere faster, while saving money, and having fun. Baby seats and lockers are provided also for your convience.

Pricelist for Renting Cars





Mount Athos, Thessaloniki, Aridea, Edesa, plus extra VIP excursions. This is just a small idea of the places you can visit. Don` t waste your energy, just create memories.



Learn from the best

Give it a try and practise your skills. Take in the most you can and show your friends what you have learnt. We offer the possibility to learn from the basic to slag language and impress everyone.

It is your chance to shine.

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