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Mount Athos


Athos peninsula, Halkidiki, Greece Athos (Oros Athos) is the third finger of the Halkidiki peninsula.

On the peninsula of Athos is located the Holy mountain of Athos with a of height of 2033 meters above sea level. The land of Mountain Athos which forms one of the most beautiful parts of Greece, lays before the visitor all the grandeur of nature.

The landscape is varied with small valleys and gorges, well wooded mountains interspersed with bare and precipitous rocks and occasional views of the coastline. Mountain scenery on one hand and the sea on the other create that essential framework of isolation in a different, strange world chosen by hermits for their monastic state.

Mount Athos is a monastic state, which exists for more than a thousand years and in accordance with their own rules and laws, life and religion have not changed since Byzantine times. In its prime period there were more than 40 monasteries and some 4000 monks.

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