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Places of interests in Thessaloniki


Places of interests in Thessaloniki Thessaloniki is of great interest to the tourists who are interested in history. Roman tsars and philosophers, Byzantine emperors and the representatives of the folk and different nationalities walked through its streets. There are a lot of places of interest in Thessaloniki: byzantine churches, Roman and Muslim buildings. Below we put the most famous and popular historical places of interest and churches of Thessaloniki for …

Best Beaches


Karidi Beach Karidi Beach is a small bright diamont in Sithonia, an exotic beach with white sand and green waters, white rocks contrasting with the green pine trees.. Shallow, warm water that stays calm even when it is windy. Visit the beach early in the morning if you want to find a place for you and your family or late in the evening. On your way to Vourvourou, turn left …

Mount Athos


Athos peninsula, Halkidiki, Greece Athos (Oros Athos) is the third finger of the Halkidiki peninsula. On the peninsula of Athos is located the Holy mountain of Athos with a of height of 2033 meters above sea level. The land of Mountain Athos which forms one of the most beautiful parts of Greece, lays before the visitor all the grandeur of nature. The landscape is varied with small valleys and gorges, …

Petralona Cave


Petralona Cave in Halkidiki Petralona cave is located 50 km from Thessaloniki and 19 km from our village Paralia Dionisiou Beach, this excursion will be very interesting for adults and children also. The cave was discovered not long ago – only in 1959 and became famous in 1960 after they discovered the famous fossilized skull of the oldest European man. The age of the skull which was found is 700,000 …

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