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Food Taste

Traditional Greek Cuisine – Food Taste

Many people have heard about delicious Greek cuisine, but, perhaps, only a few people can mention some of the national Greek dishes besides mousaka. Every time I was in Greece and had meals in taverns I tried to enjoy so praised Greek cuisine, but failed.

I couldn’t make the right choice from the long menu: chosen dishes were not particular tasty or original! I started to look at what Greek people order in taverns and I noticed that there were approximately the same set of courses on each table.

Also I paid attention that the Greek people as distinct from most Europeans order food, not for each person, but for the whole company and then share and enjoy different dishes. Being tired from abortive attempts to find something worth in the menu I asked my greek acquaintance to make a list of typical Greek dishes, which they order, and are not only considered greek national dishes.

We give the names of the dishes in Greek language with Latin letters to make your order in taverns easier.

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